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Lately, the number one question I get asked by clients is – “Will people be able to view my site on their smart phone.” The answer I give is yes. For the past year SLD has been exclusively creating responsive websites. This means that the site is configured to automatically change size and functionality for the smart phone user.

In the US, 91% people agree that they are within reaching distance of a mobile device 24/7 and of course, when they have to make a buying decision or choose the next venue for a birthday party, 67% are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site.

Information is disseminated quicker than we’d of ever imagined just 10 years ago. With so much knowledge at our finger tips we’ve become a bit impatient. That is why responsive design is so important to your business. Useful information needs to be easy for the reader. There are just too many choices and if your site is hard to read, customers might go to a competitor. That is why we say, “Yes, your site will be responsive, and no we wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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