Your Expertise is Your Content!

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Presentations.  Sales Pitches.  Marketing Materials.  Industry Knowledge.  Looong years in the business.  This is your CONTENT.

Nowadays it’s all about content marketing. The quality content your site contains, the more relevant Google finds your business soaring you to the top of search results. Remember, people need your services, but first they need to be able to find you.  By using your current, unquantified expertise, you can establish you and an your business as an authority, expert and creditable service provider in the eyes of Google and potential customers.  Take a look at the following five tips to find content for your blog, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter and social media campaigns.

Presentations –  Look through the archives.  Whether you have a horrible text only presentation or a professionally commissioned piece with moving graphics, the content of these presentations make for great tweets, discussion starters on LinkedIn, expand on blogs, etc.

Sales Pitch –  Write it down, video tape it, blog it!  I cannot stress enough how important the documenting of your sales pitch is for delivering your message to a larger digital audience.  Not only is it the words, but the emotional connection you have made with prospects in the past to become a successful sale.

Marketing Material — Re-use old print campaigns as digital content.  Either as original content if the information stands the test of time, or as vintage marketing pieces to show a “Then and Now” element.

Industry Knowledge — This will be generally what you know.

Years of Experience — A great opportunity to generate commentary with a “I remember when…”, “If you remember (kitchy item), then…”, “Today…”.  Do not disregard yourself as an authority.  Expertise comes from years of work, study, execution and patience.  Just draw upon what you have developed and print it digitally.

You have the content, so don’t be afraid to use it to help your business grow!


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