Part I: Content is King

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Your site is a living, breathing marketing piece that needs to be updated with fresh content weekly. Why?

Google has declared Content King!

In today’s digital age Google is in a very unique position. When they deem something important, we as a larger internet community better listen. A prime example is Google’s new Hummingbird search algorithm. It requires websites to provide audiences with premium quality content in order to rank HIGH in search engine results.

What is a search algorithm?

Google’s internal recipe for how it will rank search engine results. Let’s say you want to know how to bake a cake. In the just .54 seconds after submitting your query, Google returns 28,800,000 options for how to bake a cake. The search algorithm is how Google decided that 4 Ways to Bake a Cake – wikiHow, would be the number one search result for your question.

How does it work?

In short, Google’s developers found a way to “humanize” search engines results by taking a question and looking at the context rather than seeing the words within the query as separate entities. Search is now a conversation as opposed to a soliloquy, and like any good conversationalist you need to offer depth and value to the people you talk to.

The take away

Okay, so you are convinced. Content is King!  It decides whether you shine like a star on page 1 of search results, or flounder anonymously in the oblivion that is anything beyond page 2. How do you go about creating good content, that will drive traffic to your website?

Stayed Tuned for Part II of our series: 15 Sources for Better Blogging


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