Part II: 15 Sources for Better Blogging

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Hopefully your convinced of the importance of content, now it is time to write. We’ve come up with a list of hacks for better blogging that will help you create awesome content.

1. Marketing 101. Get inside your audience’s head. Who’s your target market? What are they interested in? Demographics, psychographics, the whole nine. Make sure to write pieces that appeal to your audience’s interests.

2. ASK! Reach out to your customers directly via social media and ask them what they’d like to hear about.

3. Compile a list of top 10 blogs in your industry and create a list of your favorite posts. On days inspiration is running low refer to your list and get inspired.

4. Educate yourself while educating your audience. Is there a topic you’ve been meaning to brush up on? Take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

5. Look at trends. How can you apply the latest headlines to your industry in a fun and unique way.

6. Interview a client, a thought leader, a coworker. Come up with the questions, have them write the answers and boom, you’ve got a great post.

7. Tap a guest writer. Asking a blogger to right for you is a great way for them to get exposure and for you to get fresh new content.

8. Review a product. Are there any industry specific products that you want to rave about? Any duds you want to steer people clear away from. Get it out there!

9.  Create lists. People love a top ten list…just ask David Letterman.

10. Share those hard earned lessons learned. We know you have a lot of wisdom in you!

11. Make a Video! Video content is great for SEO, especially if you embed from You Tube. Google loves to see you using their products.

12. INFORM. Create tutorials and How To’s…content that will inform, inspire and motivate!

13. Take a look at your Presentations.  Sales Pitches.  Marketing Materials.  Industry Knowledge.  Looong years in the business.  Turn these into blog posts.

14. Book Excerpts – Take a book that has inspired you in business and write about it!

15. Report. Did you attend a trade show, lecture or industry related event? Report about the event including pictures or video on your blog.

So we’ve covered why content is so important and explored ways to create content. Read Part III CMS is Best!

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