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There are a ton of avenues to proclaim your companies presence online, some more powerful than others. One of the most effective but often neglected is email marketing. 71% of big US companies use this marketing device to promote their brand and offer special promotions, and trust us, if the big guys are doing it, so should you.

So how do you start?  image3

First you need to set up a branded template.  Standardization is necessary to ensure brand consistency and uniformity. Your potential clients require more than free spam layouts.  Spend time reviewing possible templates and pay a professional to set up your campaign.  The design and campaign results will speak for themselves. Once the initial set up and first months are sent out, the following 11 months only need your content text and images.

A good rule of thumb when deciding on content is to balance your emails with 80% information and articles and 20% promotion. These numbers are flexible depending on the nature of your business, but use them as a guideline.

Email Marketing requires a ton of testing. Experiment with different subject titles, times of day, days of the week. Your email marketing provider will provide you with analytics to help you ascertain which combination gets you the most clicks.

For a comprehensive “how to” guide see Mail Chimp’s “How to Create an Email Marketing Plan.”

And Remember…

Your target market needs your product.They are looking for new outlets to purchase what you are selling. 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email”.  44%!!! CONVERSION: From,”


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