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Local Partnerships

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We recently attended BKE #6: Meet Brooklyn’s Best hosted by Brooklyn Law School and organized by Sam Vils, Co-Founder of Brooklyn Entrepreneurs. The event was set up to profile successful businesses from Brooklyn. What we took away from hearing from some of the area’s best and brightest, is that one of the secret ingredients to any successful venture is Partnerships!

First the event itself, was in partnership with the following:

  1. BKE Meet-Up
  2. Brooklyn Law School
  3. Brooklyn Tech Triangle
  4. NYC Government
  5. Brooklyn Innovation Center – D.K. Smith
  6. Lost Tribes Brew – supplied free smooth beer

Second, the companies that agreed to share their wisdom to other businesses

Notice from the descriptions above that all are co-founders, in partnership.  Except Crystal Manor’s Kevin Johnson whose partnership lies in the fact he heads up a family company started by his mother.

The names listed above a small group that working to help others succeed. D.K. Smith stated it best and spurred the idea of this post when he said to Sam Vils:  “You do events, lets do this In Partnership”.

From developing a start-up, re-invigorating an existing company, implementing new social media tools or attempting to change corporate culture, partnerships will help you succeed in a way that going it alone just can’t.


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