How to Make Sure Your Call to Action “Clicks”

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You hear a lot about CTA when speaking about websites and conversion.  As marketers you know there is a whole list of best practices to drive traffic to your website. What you may not know is how to get your customer to quite literally take action once they get there. Not just any action either. Action that directly aligns with your online marketing strategy.

Call out with Color

First and foremost your CTA needs to be eye catching. Use colors that pop against your overall color palette. If this is not immediately clear to you take a look at a color wheel. Complementary colors are the ones that are located directly across from each other on the wheel such as red / green – purple / yellow. These colors create maximum contrast while ensuring your design remains cohesive and eye pleasing.

Which button is more likely to get you to click? The top blue or bottom coral?


Size Matters

Hubspot recommends Call to Actions to be about 225px wide and 45px high for maximum readability.

Be Clear

Sometimes it’s a single word. Sometimes it’s a phrase. Just make sure it is immediately clear, concise, and wrapped in a sense of urgency.

Be Direct

Make sure your call to action goes exactly to the right place. For instance if you want someone to contact you send them to the contact form or to an automatic email with your address and subject already included in the email. Always try to minimize the work someone needs to do. The harder it is, the less likely they will be to complete.

Quote Roller:

Perfect example of using a nice large call to action set against contrasting but complimentary colors.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.12.56 PM


Beyond the Rack doesn’t do nearly as good of a job.

Beyond the Rack Call to Action


The call to action is small. Its black color doesn’t immediately stand out and overall there is just too much to read. As a consumer I would say…Ugh, too much work!

Stay tuned for more articles to come as we explore the magical and lively world of call to action. Ok, maybe not so magical and lively, but vitally important nonetheless!

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