Content is Currency…Cash In!

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Content marketing as opposed to other traditional inbound marketing techniques such as SEO or SEM is a long game. The trust you build in your community by providing valuable content is currency you can cash in for quality long term business relationships in the future. You put good stuff out there and good stuff will come back…eventually. First you must establish trust and be a resource of value.

Here are 5 ways to maximize your return on investment.

Relevant Content 

Revisit your marketing plan and your target market.  Does your content meet the search and buying needs of your market?  For example, if you are selling pet clothes, your content should appeal to  pet owners who like to dress up their animals. If you’re note sure what they are interested in just ask your customers or research competitors. The answers are there.

Don’t Sell 

I hate when I am researching products and get to a “article” which is just sales pitch.  This is lame and a waste of time for your potential buyers.  Do not play slight of hand hiding sales talk in what could be a great white paper or blog.  Give your consumers real information for free.  This value from you the expert gives the community and market a more robust online presence.


We can’t say it enough, use awesome images!  Here at Design Seed Media we push to have your image stock as unique and original as possible.  Your online users can spot a boring mage from a mile away.  Considering contracting for content media packets that include original image stock that you can deploy each month.


Find out who is liking or commenting or sharing and give back to them.  There is nothing sage about online commerce.  We are a community that appreciates the reciprocity of an engagement.

Physical World Networking

Get out there and point people in the direction of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website and blog.  The online statistics paired with offline networking will create more hits and drive more traffic to your sphere of influence. Plus, your new contacts who are looking to establish trust in you will believe you are the real deal.

In short, be authentic and care for the online community.  Remember – Your expertise is currency,  trade it in for long term business relationships.

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