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Original Content – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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Why is it important to take the time to create and post your own original content? Your content is your presentation to the world – think about original content as a suit specifically tailored to your product’s style.

Original content shares your brand your way. Instead of reproducing a  tired, off-the-rack topic, original content provides unique information that your customer base will want to share. Such tailor-made content earns consumer trust – 70% of consumers report that customized content makes them feel connected with a company.

This earned media leads to another advantage – content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. Google’s algorithms are more likely to pick up on your content’s unique pattern over curated or syndicated information – optimizing search engine results.

Original content is about quality, not quantity. Small changes, like the cut of a suit lapel or turn of a cuff, can have a huge impact on the overall image. Don’t stress about turning out intricate 500 word article – well-worded infographics can have greater public outreach and appeal than several articles. Even adding images to a text post can increase view by 94%.

So think about how you want to present your brand’s style – and dress your content up to match!

Written By: Meagan Kezia


Bespoke original content


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