Why We love Illustration in Web Design

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Illustrations provide a level clarity and explanation that sometimes pictures just can’t. It’s in the definition: to illustrate is to “explain or make clear” or “serve as an example of”. The sky is the limit in terms of what can be illustrated. No need to worry about costly photo shoots or pricey stock photography. An illustration is a 100% original and cost effective alternative. Here are some illustration trends to keep in mind when designing your site:

Illustrated Backgrounds

Illustrated backgrounds can be the foundation behind a site theme, subtly reinforcing brand theme no matter where your reader wanders on the site. Choose a design which complements your brand ethos – options range between clean-cut SVGs, textured layers, and 3D and hand drawn illustrations.


Brooklyn Vines: This is a site currently being developed by Design Seed Media.  The header here serves as a larger branding piece…like a logo unto itself. The illustration will be used across social media as well as on printed materials.

Hull Digital Live

Another great example from a company called Hull Digital Live. The hand drawn effect is memorable and truly unique.


Combining photographic images and illustration provides an incredibly eye-catching site. Illustration is layered organically into the photograph creating bold, impossible optical illusions. Beyond the benefit of being specifically tailored toward your brand design, these images’ singularity will cement them in the memory of your audience.


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.11.17 PM

This site is Wonderfully Wild. The combination of images and illustration here provide visual interest as well as brand unity.

Belle and Boo

It’s definitely whimsy and although that may not be your style there is something very refreshing about this combination. Belle and Boo does a really great job of making you envision your child with their products.

Hand drawn Icons

Hand drawn icons provide a personal touch. They give your reader a point of personal connection and serve a dual purpose – clarifying your message while promoting a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Hand drawn features combine site utility and message clarity. Creative Businesses and ones that do high end custom work tend to really benefit from this trend.

Handrawn Icons - Rebecca

This is a sample from Rebecca Sehn’s photography website. The hand drawn icons inject her creativity into every ounce of this site.


Hand Drawn Icons Ghurka

When I think of quality Ghurka comes to mind. The use of hand drawn icons below here serves to remind us that the brand has been around a very long time…the vintage style of drawings is classic, sophisticated, and beautiful, just like the brand.


“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.” Infographics are an illustration form which capitalizes on this mental process. Their design leads the viewer’s eye through a series of points both complemented by and composed of images. The path of the eye reflects the path the brain should follow while processing the information forming a precise message – clarity which is attractive to your reader.

Infographics in Web Design

Every Last Drop is using this trend to put on a show. The user is having an experience as opposed to just looking at a website.

Illustrated Background

Shopper Nosh is another DSM creation. We utilized an informative infographic to explain the rather complex work of a consultant dealing with the millennial to path purchase.

These are just a handful of the variety of options which are to you when you began to add illustration to your site design. We hope we’ve been able to plant some illustrative seeds of creativity!

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